Large-scale optimization programs are the most appropriate tool to tackle the complexity of decision problems involved in maritime transport and logistics.

Successfully navigating the challenges faced by today’s maritime transport and logistics industry takes insight, innovation and structure. Equipment and facilities managed by large-scale port and terminal operators need to be reliable, consistent and punctual. Serious consequences can arise from interruptions to work flow and may, in turn, have negative effects on associated organizations and their clientele.

Successfully balancing a wide and diverse range of operational issues with the maintenance, care and succession of critical assets requires the
development of a capable and effective Strategic Asset Management Plan, such as the ISO 55000 framework. Both land and port assets are incorporated into the framework and include assets ranging from vitally accessible assets, like ship to shore cranes, to base infrastructure, such as fuel tanks.

Mainpac’s Industry Solutions can be used to improve terminal efficiency and provide decisional tools with a significant added value for terminal managers. Not only will you benefit from increased asset production outputs, but will also see significant improvements across infrastructure management, a reduction in equipment failure and better medium to long-term asset portfolio performance, including cost and risk.