Why you should consider a mobile optimised Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system module

Have you considered the real cost of traveling to and from the office as a project manager? Having a mobile optimised EAM system will save you on more than just travel time in the long run. When working on a project site paperwork can be misplaced, important decisions can’t be made quickly, vital information can be forgotten – and then there’s the double handling of data… So we came up with some reasons why you should consider a mobile optimised module for your Enterprise Asset Management system.

Better productivity

Imagine being able to continue accessing and uploading data to your asset management system out in the field. All asset information would be on hand for you to execute and complete work orders at the frontline, including instructions, parts, completion fields and asset maintenance history. Instead of having to travel back to the office to access information, you would be able to generate work requests in real time, gathering data at the source to execute work while reducing revenue leakage.

By having access to full visibility of work orders and statuses – even with photos attached, project managers will be able to proactively manage resources. The system will provide an accurate picture of reliability of assets by recording breakdown actions as they are undertaken, while also being able to identify and resolve issues quickly to improve overall operational efficiency.

Better field decision making

Imagine being able to capture accurate asset data out in the field. With a mobile module, simple and easy in-field data recording improves the completeness and accuracy of asset information and condition. Project managers and contractors can capture vital asset data and implement better reporting through having the right information at the right time through providing field staff with relevant and immediate historical incident and fault resolution information. Asset condition tests can be entered from the field and assets’ condition can be captured with the device camera.

With better onsite reporting with comprehensive and accurate data, Asset Managers will have greater visibility over your asset performance and can generate reports for continuous process improvement, and construct compelling business cases.

Better administration

A great mobile EAM will operate both online and offline. Using the Offline mode will allow staff to continue to work, even when connection to the server is not available,. When the device is back in range it can synchronise with the main server – uploading completed work and downloading new work. This in turn will reduce travel time by not having to travel to and from the office to worksite.

Reduce your administration by creating work requests directly on site, saving having to make calls back to the office. Whilst doing this parts and labour costs can be updated immediately, ensuring finance have the latest view of costs. Inventory will be immediately visible to frontline staff, saving wasted visits and calls to the warehouse. You will also be able to identify assets with barcoding, this will allow work order locations to be easily found with GPS coordinates on site plans, factory diagrams, road and aerial maps.

Information can be processed at the right time, ensuring data integrity and preventing double entry efforts. While increased accuracy for planning and backlog management, with a near real-time view of work status.

Mainpac Mobility

Mainpac Mobility module extends the functionality of EAM out of the office and into the field. With Mainpac’s system you will be able to complete both work orders and round work orders. Complete and report on breakdown or emergency work orders. Raise work requests including photos and attachments, while viewing asset details. Undertake ad-hoc meter readings or condition tests, set asset availability and view inventory availability in the warehouse.

Mainpac Mobility can be used across iOS, Android and Windows devices. If you would like to find out more about this mobile optimised module for your Enterprise Asset Management system, give us a call and we would be more than happy to assist you in the addition of this service.